Hôtel Villa Rivoli-2018

Hôtel Villa Rivoli


The Villa Rivoli Hotel was built in 1890 by architect Max Blanchi, famous for his ‘Belle Époque’ buildings.

Originally “Le Pavillon de Rivoli” opened its doors to welcome bourgeois or aristocratic hsots who came to stay for several months. At that time, Nice was a mainly winter destination and was very little visited during the summer months.

Programming in progress


The Villa Rivoli will host a program curated by the contemporary art network of Toulouse-agglomeration Pink Pong. The network will occupy four hotel rooms.

PINKPONG, created in 2008, is composed uptodate of about twenty art-structures and brings together a diversity of venues: associations, municipal spaces, private galleries, foreign institutes, etc. Its objective is to promote and enhance contemporary artistic creation, to federate its actors around shared issues and to facilitate access and understanding of contemporary art to the widest public.